It is well known that business success is dependent upon accurate planning, efficient critical decisions and smart uses of resources.   Helen Heneveld, a seasoned pioneer, can help insure your success on this trail in the Residential Systems Industry.


Consulting services available include -

  • Business Plan Development

Start and stay on the road to success with a long-range plan and a roadmap of how to reach your goals. Have us help you and your team with Business Plan creation and review.

  • Company Start-Up

Get started “DOING IT RIGHT” from the beginning. Set up your company and procedures. Get organized, have work processes flow smoothly and most important, create profit.

  • Strategic Planning and New Market Entry

We assist both manufacturers and dealers wanting to enter or expand into the residential electronics market with business planning, marketing, product analysis, product selection and training.

  • Business Procedures Analysis

You visit the dentist each year, why not have a check-up for your business to insure it's longevity and health? Get a review of business strengths and weaknesses, business operations, organizational structure and responsibilities, and sales and marketing efforts. Check out a Business Assessment.

  • Business Coaching

Imagine having someone who knows your business, is there when you need it, and is a sounding board and confidante. Helen listens to your problems, allows you a safe forum to express feelings about issues you face, and provides objective input.

BUSINESS ASSESSMENT includes evaluation of -

Business Strengths and Weaknesses

Group discussions, one-on-one interviews, and observation identify company strong points, opportunities, and areas for  improvement.

Business Operations

Working side by side with employees enables a review of procedures and forms used in your day-to-day activities.

Organizational Structure and Responsibilities

Personal interviews and an analysis of job descriptions and interrelationships are performed.

Sales and Marketing Efforts

Meeting with sales teams and reviewing sales strategies, activities, and issues of concern give a clear understanding of your sales process. Marketing materials are collected and reviewed.


Consideration and review of all areas of business occurs through a systematic approach. The deliverables are straightforward, easy to understand, and easy  to use. Real world solutions emerge with this pragmatic approach. Insights and recommendations happen with objectivity and clarity.


      • Organizational Chart and Position Responsibilities Outlined

      • Flowcharts of Procedures

      • Customized Forms with Corporate Graphics for immediate use covering daily operations, sales, system design, and business operations flow

      • Recommendations

* All items are provided in hard copy and electronic format.


The total assessment process and deliverables cost approximately 1/2% of total annual revenues.

  Business is good but you're running every day just to keep up and you wonder where the fun and money are... Consider a BUSINESS ASSESSMENT


Evaluate these key points when looking for the right consultant for your company -

  • past experience

  • personality

  • chemistry


Why Consider Hiring a Consultant?

The perception is often that a company brings in a consultant only if it is experiencing problems. While this is sometimes the case, consider a “check-up” or “tune-up” to run efficiently and effectively. Discover hidden issues that may be blocking your efforts towards achieving a smooth-running organization. It is difficult to commit internal resources to self analysis when you are in the trenches dealing with day-to-day operations. Get an objective perspective of yourself, your company, and develop strategies for present and future markets. A consultant provides you with the procedures for making your company more efficient and profitable, and enhances your efforts in teambuilding. Find out what you can’t see in your own company and get the tools necessary for success by having an Assessment.  In short, you get complexity made simple; solutions instead of problems; order rather than chaos; cohesion in place of disparity.


      • Inefficient Processes

      • Disorganized Paperwork

      • Confusion in Accountability

      • Employee Dissatisfaction

      • Insufficient Growth

      • Rapid Growth


     • Efficient Operations

     • Standardized and Documented Procedures and Forms

     • Team Camaraderie

     • Better “Bottom Line"

     • Increased Customer Satisfaction



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