Helen Heneveld is in demand for seminars, keynote speeches, and special presentations. Her knowledge of the industry, her layman presentation of technical information, her energy and enthusiasm make her sought after for speaking to groups, associations and instructing in the industry around the world.


A wide selection of seminars and workshops is available ranging from 30 minute presentations to full day sessions.

Some topics include -


Business Essentials for Profitability - 8 hours

Full day. When you leave this seminar you will know how to make your company organized, have work processes flow smoothly and most important, create profit. For more details...

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Project Management - 7 hours
Learn to manage projects efficiently and effectively.  This interactive workshop gives you procedures, forms and documents to get organized and in control of your projects and processes.  Return to your business with 'tools' and tips you will use right away.


Residential Systems Overview - 1 to 4 hours

You will learn and understand the systems in a home and the system integration opportunity. Hear information on the business its challenges and opportunities, the basics of wiring and installation of each subsystem, design and documentation practices, sample packages, and more.


Orientation for Rookies - 30 minutes to 2 hours

Discover the industry of residential systems. This intense and entertaining introduction deciphers the acronyms, teaches about all of the systems in the home and just what is available today Hear what people are buying and what the future holds.


Incorporating Entertainment Systems into Homes - 1 hours
Learn how to design entertainment systems/home theaters into your projects including distributed audio systems in order to meet the needs of the homeowner. Follow current trends in home entertainment technologies.


Keep Your Clients and Yourself Smiling - 1 hours

You will learn a proven consulting process that allows you to have long term relationships with clients (and others) that are amazingly positive, no matter whom the person is! When the process is followed, there are no exceptions to this claim. Regardless of your current consulting skill level, discover a proven process to manage all types of clients, projects and relationships. Smiling is good for your soul.


Managing the Cash Side of Your Business - 1 hours

No one likes to think about or work on cash flow, but it can make or break the success of your business. We will review the basics of financial statements and cash flow. Identify what you can do to ease the cash flow headaches by implementing weekly and monthly reporting and improving your cash flow.


Increase Revenue with Better Estimates and Increase Profits Through Better Project Management - 1 hours

Do you have a process? Is it streamlined and organized? Get a better understanding of estimating procedures for the residential technologies industry. Learn what Project Management guidelines and procedures to implement. Refine your business operations so they run smoothly and increase your profits with the concrete ideas you can initiate right away.


Brain Technology: How to be a Genius Every Day - 1 hours

When you leave this fun and upbeat seminar you will be a "genius every day." Learn about the different ways you brain works and how to take advantage of this knowledge. Discover ways to read faster and comprehend more, remember names and lists in ways that will baffle others, and improve your abilities to be creative. Hear about the  importance of 'balance in your life', especially in your mind and body, and learn a skill known as 'mind-mapping'. Come discover that overall, there is nothing but good news about how human brains work and improve as we mature. Start putting your brain to good use!


Writing a Business Plan - 1 to 3 hours in length

Every business needs a well defined and thought out road map to follow. Learn what are the parts of a business plan and how to go about developing one. Hear the key points to include in a plan for the Residential Systems Industry. When you leave this course you will have a clear understanding of what is a business plan, what goes in it and how to create and evaluate one.


Pricing for Profitability - 1 to 2 hours in length

Understand mark-up and margin and how they impact your bottom line. Make sure you are charging enough for your services and make profit an integral part of your sales strategy. Pricing is a complex business issue that involves strategic thinking, market positioning and detailed cost analysis. This course outlines the steps to go through to develop a rational pricing strategy that includes the real costs and profit opportunity associated with your business.


Who Is Your Company?

Know who your company is with a clear understanding of your mission and vision. After actively participating in this class, you will have the start of a good mission statement and a clear understanding of your vision for your company. You will have developed a tag line to communicate what your company does and identify at least five key points to doing business with your firm. By concisely defining your company by your people, products, services and beliefs, you can communicate what differentiates you from others. You will walk away with concrete information that will be the cornerstone of all your marketing and promotional efforts. This well-defined foundation of your company provides clarity, will feed your marketing efforts and lead to greater success.


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