Business Essentials for Profitability

Who Should Attend

This interactive seminar is for business owners and managers who want to establish or tune their residential installation company’s organization, procedures and marketing message by implementing proven and efficient processes to increase profitability. No previous business management experience is assumed.

Course Description

Get your company to profitability faster with proven business methods – make it happen today! This seminar teaches you the secrets no one tells you, learn about all aspects of being in the residential installation business and establishing the critical fundamentals of smart business operations – organization, processes and procedures. If you are new to the industry, diversifying your current business, or an established company, obtain business strategies that produce the results you desire. Respected industry expert, Helen Heneveld brings more than sixteen years expertise in the industry and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She started, owned for eight years, and sold a successful installation company, holds industry certifications and licenses, co-authored the 870+ page industry “reference manual” by McGraw-Hill and has worked with installation companies of all sizes across North America. Discover what you are doing right, what to do to improve your operations, and how to work smarter to increase profits. Identify solid solutions to improve your company’s performance and your team’s satisfaction. You will leave with specific action items you can implement immediately to get the results you deserve – time and money.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Organize your business, legally and operationally
  • Set up the office and manage paperwork flow
  • Establish support for running a company
  • Outline a business plan and understand what goes in it
  • Establish the flow of a project
  • Identify tasks, assign responsibilities and establish accountability
  • Identify and document procedures for sales, administration, and operations
  • Develop a marketing plan and message
  • Create sales, close them, and manage the sales process
  • Maintain accurate and meaningful accounting
  • Lead your team effectively with proven techniques
  • Have customers for life

What people are saying...

"This course gives you the fundamentals of running a business. Being a start-up I have hired business consultants who were not able to give me the tools needed to conduct business within 4 weeks that Helen was able to give me in 8 hours!"

"This course is a MUST if you are starting or trying to organize an install business. Helen brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom in practical experience and related sales tools, along with a great breakdown of procedures and processes.”

"I've been in the industry 10 years and Helen gave me a new perspective on business that will get my company to the next level.”


This seminar is designed and taught by well-known industry veteran and business expert, Helen Heneveld. With an MBA from the University of Michigan and over 20 years of business ownership experience, she knows business. As a successful founder of a nationally recognized custom installation company and actively consulting with companies in the industry across the United States, she understands what will make an installation company successful. Her dynamic personality, her business instincts, her deep integrity, and her desire to assist others in achieving their visions combine to make this a workshop a must for any installation business owner/manager.


This interactive seminar teaches you how to use your knowledge and experience in life and the industry to succeed in business. Eight hour seminar fee is $595 and includes a 100+ page workbook with information and standardized flowcharts and forms you will start using immediately. Each attendee will also receive a copy of Terms & Definitions – Residential Technologies, a $20.00 value, and is included in the registration fee.

Course Outline

A. Overview of a Typical Installation, from Sale to Completion

B. Strategic Business Thinking

  • Offerings and market segment focus
  • Your company profile – vision, mission, tag line, key points

C. Organizing To Do Business

  • Business Start-up
  • Business operations – Administration, Sales, Operations
  • Location – Office, Showroom and Warehouse
  • Professional support

D. Setting Up the Office

  • Physical Layout and Equipment
  • Personnel and Responsibilities
  • Office Paperwork Organization
  • Accounting System
  • Proposal Development
  • Basic Procedures

E. The Business Plan

  • What, Why, and How
  • Components of a Business Plan

F. Processes, Procedures, and Systems

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Process flow charts
  • Documented procedures
  • Forms and paperwork
  • Increasing Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability

G. Marketing Management

  • Marketing strategy
  • The 4 P’s – Product, Place, Promotion and Pricing
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Advertising and Promotion Plan
  • Sales Portfolio
  • H. Sales Management

  • Leads Generation and Tracking
  • Sales Presentations and Proposals
  • Closing the sale and Turning It Over
  • Sales targets and ROI
  • Revenues and Gross Margins

I. Project Management

  • Project Management Process
  • Industry Best practices
  • Setup, Planning and Execution
  • Control and Measures of Success (Metrics)
  • Project Management Tips

J. Accounting and Financial Management

  • Processes and procedures – A/R and A/P
  • Inventory Control and Job Costing
  • Chart of Accounts, Key Reports and Metrics
  • Understanding Income Statement and the Balance Sheet

K. Leading Employees Effectively

  • Division of Labor - Organizational Chart
  • Responsibilities and Job Descriptions
  • Leadership
  • Employee Documentation
  • Motivation and Incentives

L. Tying it All Together

  • Key Areas Not to Forget
  • Integrating the Processes
  • Measuring Success
  • Customers for Life
  • Profitability and Personal Satisfaction


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